The Theory of APIS (Applied Photographic Inspiration)

The Theory of Applied Photographic Inspiration (APIS)

The Theory of APIS is a cutting edge approach to capture the essence and to expressing the creative mind in photography.

Edenvale, Johannesburg – Photographer, Johnathan Andrews announces The Theory of Applied Photographic Inspiration (APIS). The theory is based on a simple hybrid mathematical calculation which can be applied within the creative realms of photography.

“Having spent thousands of hours behind the lens, and hundreds of hours teaching photography, I have developed the Theory of Applied Photographic Inspiration (APIS). The theory is a formula for reasoning which could be applied to creative photographic challenges that require planning and inspiration to successfully execute” Andrews says. “The theory is a fairly simple hybrid mathematical calculation which can be used in the application process of the theory.  Although APIS is in the beta phase, I believe that in sharing the principles of the theory at this early stage, photographers will already perceive the pre-production creative photographic process in a different light, and the theory will contribute to an alternative way of understanding (and even stimulating) photographic inspiration.”

Andrews conceived the theory through carefully studying a selected number of elements which are applicable to the pre-production processes, vital to the creation of expressive photography, as well as the resulting images. The key is to capture images of a high standard, but equally, to be able to “capture the essence” of what is in the creative mind of the photographer (and for that matter), the creative professional. “The theory promises the practitioner, fresh and deliberate creative stimulus driven by the passion for photography and visual expression. The theory could even help to create the energy to conceive and capture the very essence of the finest images the world will see” Andrews says.

APIS will be explained during a series of workshops hosted by Andrews during October and November this year. The workshops will include the application of the theory which will be demonstrated, enabling people to work with the formula first hand. Discover how the theory can be applied to a photographic assignment during a group break-away session which forms part of the workshop.

Bring your digital SLR camera, lenses, notebook and pen.

During the workshops, Andrews will also apply APIS to his photographic portfolio that was recommended to the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for the Associateship Distinction. The Society was founded in 1853, and is the most prestigious international photographic society. It has long been recognised for the promotion and maintenance of high photographic standards around the world. The awarding of distinctions is fundamental to The Society’s promotion of standards of excellence, which are universally respected by amateur and professional photographers alike. Andrews’ Associateship portfolio was recently published in the #tocapturetheessence book series.

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