academy_logoThe Johnathan Andrews Academy has a history which spans more than a decade.

During 2007 Johnathan was invited by one of the departments of the University of South Africa to compile a photography course for beginners in digital photography to present as in-house training for lecturers. This course was received very well and soon it was made available to the public, which lead to the establishment of the Johnathan Andrews School of Photography. During the following years Johnathan developed a range of photography courses of the highest standard.

An exciting development in 2011 was the launch of phase one of a course in cinematography! As a pilot for the course, Johnathan teamed with UNISA to make available a first version of the course under their A Chance To Advance initiative. The course, in its final format, was soon integrated into the school’s curriculum.

During 2013 the idea of an Academy was conceived. The core of the idea was to provide training options to students in various fields which would equip them with skills and experience to excell in todays competitive marketplace. Areas of particular focus included website development as an additional skill that can be acquired which can either be used as a key to an entrepreneur or a skill set that can be used as an asset in the work place.

In addition, as a result of the amount of work and opportunities that students create for make-up artists and models, the Academy training scope was broadened to include courses in professional make-up and modelling.

The Johnathan Andrews Academy was deployed systematically in 2014 with the following departments:

  • Digital Photography
  • Video Production
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Professional Make-up

During 2017 the Academy went through a transformation and Johnathan decided to specialize in only photographic and video production training. He personally provides the training on a small and intensive scale to produce superior results with individuals and small groups of students, allowing for one-on-one Mentorship possibility for photographers and video students.