Johnathan Andrews

Johnathan Andrews

Johnathan Andrews is a versatile photographer, documentary filmmaker, keynote speaker, author, founder of the Johnathan Andrews Academy, producer, film director, freelance journalist and entrepreneur.

His passion for photography developed long before 1997 when he captured his first image of the Acropolis in Athens and his work has since evolved into a complex operation which now also includes film making.

Johnathan’s work has over the years been transformed into 9 publications of the journal entitled Voyage of the Planet as well as numerous documentary films shot in various countries including Israel, Jordan, West Bank/Palestine, Egypt and Uganda.

During 2010 he published a book in the USA entitled A Collection of Photographic Works. In 2012 Johnathan published the book Creating a Photography Portfolio, which received the first prize in the International Book Awards in Los Angeles.

The Johnathan Andrews School of Photography (JASP) was established in 2008 after he received an invitation from a department of the University of South Africa to compile a course in Digital Photography for internal training. To date he has presented training to hundreds of individuals through JASP and in 2011 he presented his first course on invitation, Introduction to Cinematography, at UNISA under the university’s Chance to Advance programme.

During the period 2006 to 2009 Johnathan traveled Israel extensively, independently as well as with groups of Biblical Archaeology students from UNISA and is intimately acquainted with the region. His field of study includes Biblical Archaeology offered at the university’s Department of Old Testament & Ancient Near Eastern Studies.

He was awarded the Licentiateship Distinction (2010) and the Associateship Distinction (2013) by the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for photographic excellence.

During 2015 Johnathan develops the Theory of APIS (Theory of Applied Photographic Inspiration) which is based on a simple hybrid mathematical calculation which can be applied withing the creative realms of photography.

He founded Johnathan Andrews International (JAi) - an online broadcasting platform - during 2016 and is developing JAi into an online TV Channel. As part of the pilot programme line-up Johnathan hosted a regular show entitled Gusto Project, on the show he interviewed "the artists of our time."

Johnathan's current focus under the JAi banner is entitled #GETPeaceProject which is a project under an initiative he established entitled United World Nation. GET Peace is the acronym for a project to Get Earth Together. The objective is to make films that make a difference, promote peace and tolerance, and inspire positive change. The #GETPeaceProject is a United World Nation film category. Fundamental principles at the core of the #GETPeaceProject: gender equality, no racial distinction, no wars, no violence, no oppression, no discrimination, no pollution, no hunger, no starvation, no corruption. Follow the project on social media with the hashtags #GETPeaceProject and #UnitedWorldNationCitizen

As a frequent guest on radio talk shows Johnathan shares his passion for photography and is often a speaker at events on the topic.

Johnathan is immersed in the continuous process of evolving his craft, and challenges himself with the constant quest of “capturing the essence” and “telling the deepest story”.


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Track Record

He is a multi-talented individual and boasts an impressive track record of achievements.

His track record includes:

  • Releases a documentary film about a Holocaust Survivor, Lina Amato (Kantor), on 27 January 2018 entitled "The Story Of Lina Amato". The film was made in association with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Embassy in Pretoria in honour of Selahattin Ülkümen (Righteous Among The Nations - Yad Vashem, 1989). Movie trailer
  • Official photographer of the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival 2013-2018.
  • Developed the initial framework for a training programme in photography for the St. Vincent School for the Deaf - to teach kids with hearing impairment photography skills as key to a possible career.
  • Co-anchor of a weekly radio programme which was aired for 9 months on national radio – 102.7 Classic fm.
  • Co-anchor of a weekly TV show on iTV Network for 25 weeks. During the programme he discussed interesting topics based on his articles, projects, films and world travels.
  • Compiled and presented a course in digital photography on invitation by a department of the University of South Africa for internal training purposes.
  • On invitation by the University of South Africa presented an introduction course in cinematography under the university’s Chance to Advance programme.
  • TV guest on a show on Kyk-Net on two occasions.
  • Radio talk show guest on Chai FM. Podcast
  • Radio talk show guest in MixFM with Manie Grove.
  • Radio Pretoria studio guest on two occasions.
  • Radio talk show guest on SAFM with Peter-James Smith.
  • Featured radio studio guest on SABC Radio 2000: "Moving Artists" with Angela Ludek.
  • Studio Guest on the Radio 702 show: “Believe it or Not” with Kate Turkington on two occasions.
  • Studio guest on numerous occasions on Radio Veritas.
  • Volunteer for the Dor Archaeological project 2006 excavation season in Israel.
  • Member of the management team of the Department of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies of the University of South Africa during 2006, 2007 and 2008, leading the South African Volunteer Archaeological Excavation Team to Israel for participation in the archaeological excavation of the ancient Phoenician harbour city of Dor. The Dor Archaeological Project is managed by Dr Ilan Sharon (Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and Dr Ayelet Gilboa (University of Haifa).
  • Journalistic work has to date been carried out in a number of countries including: South Africa, Uganda, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Italy, Mozambique and more.
  • Conducting an emic Cognitive Sciences research programme under Prof Ignatius Gous and Dr Zac Kotze entitled Cultural Conceptions of Life After Death which was a research project that investigated how people perceive life after death and was conducted across the various cultures and religions in South Africa.
  • Publication of his first book that deals with studio photography A Collection of Photographic Works. The book is published in the USA through CreateSpace, an company.
  • A total of 9 issues of Voyage of the Planet Magazine was published and sold across South Africa in more than 50 of the top CNA stores.
  • Received the Licentiateship Distinction and the Associateship Distinction for photographic excellence from the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.
  • Produced and directed various documentary films with diverse topics.
  • Established the Johnathan Andrews School of Photography & Cinematography (later known as Johnathan Andrews Academy) in 2008 and have to date trained many hundreds of people in various photographic genres.

Travel highlights include:

  • Staying in a Bedouin camp in the Negev desert in the south of Israel.
  • Touring across Israel from Tel Dan at the foot of the Lebanon Mountains to Elat in the south, to the shores of the Dead Sea in the east at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, to the ancient port of Caesarea on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the east.
  • Hiking through the Tzin Wilderness south of the Judean Desert in Israel.
  • Tracking the endangered mountain gorillas through the impenetrable rain forests of Uganda.
  • Visiting the Pygmy people (Batwa) in the Rwenzori in Uganda and tracing a story of a Pygmy to the tombs of Egypt, in Aswan.
  • The ancient rock art site Nero which bears a unique geometric rock art tradition.
  • Sailing on the river Nile from Aswan to Kom Ombo Temple in the north of Egypt.· Carried out photographic work in three tombs in the Valley of the Kings with special permission from Dr Zhai Hawas.
  • Visiting the Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron.
  • Visit to a refugee camp in Uganda.
  • Staying in the West Bank / Palestine.
  • Taking the scenic route from Windhoek to Swakopmunt in Namibia.
  • Staying in Florence, Tuscany and travelling through some spectacular towns to Venice.
  • Staying in some of the most remote villages in the Lesotho Drakensberg, accessible on horse back only.
  • The site of the Orange River Camps at Doornbult, close to Hopetown in the Northern Cape which was the location of a concentration camp for women and children during the Anglo Boer War of 1899 – 1902.
  • Interesting visits to various Sangomas conducting research.
  • Mtubatuba in Natal which has the highest prevalence of HIV infection in SA in 2009.
  • Visiting a site in the Cederberg in the Western Cape where a unique, “mystical rain making rock art figure” was discovered by a local archaeologist.
  • Filming and carrying out photographic work in Jordan as a guest of the Jordanian Tourism board, sites include Petra, Acaba, Wadi Rum, Umm Qais, Madaba, Jerash and Amman.
  • The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.
  • Lived in Oxford in England and Koropi in Greece for extended periods.
  • Crossing through Botswana.
  • Crossing through Zimbabwe.

Other interests & interesting things:

  • Obtained his open water scuba diving permit.
  • Achieved more than 65 flying hours towards a PPL before aborting the mission due to complete radio failure routing back to Rand Airport during a solo cross-country flight, as well as one other traumatic incident during a solo flight.
  • Received vocal training from 1995 to 2003 for Baritone voice, under Alexander Schwartz, Dawn Brown and Llewellyn Hansen.
  • Performed on stage more than 30 times and sang lead roles in 3 Gilbert & Sullivan musicals.
  • Vocal artist in 2010 for the recording of three of Frank Sinatra’s lesser known songs, Didn’t We, This Time, What’s New, under direction of Nicolas Nicolaidis, Peter McLea and Crighton Goodwill, accompanied by 14 of South Africa’s best classical instrumentalists.
  • Drove his own Anti Human Trafficking campaign from 2007 to 2008.
  • Sponsored an Operatic and Operetta concert entitled Gioielli di Opere.
  • Student at the University of South Africa, involved with studies in Anthropology and the Ancient Near East.

Speaking Experience:

  • Professional Member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.
  • Member of Toastmasters International Bedfordview Club since 2010 and achieved CC10 – Competent Communicator programme in 2013.
  • Received awards for Best Prepared Speech and Best Impromptu Speech during Toastmasters International club meetings.
  • Received public speaking training at Image Excellence under Alexia Bennic.
  • Guest Keynote Speaker at the Rotary Club Hatfield on occasion.
  • Key note speaker at many functions including a Proudly South African CEO Forum.
  • A series of films and talks were presented at the Wits Origins Centre Museum.
  • Member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.
  • Presented lectures at University of South Africa on more than 8 occasions.
  • Lecturer at the Johnathan Andrews School of Photography & Cinematography since 2008.
  • Speaker a the Wits Origins Centre Museum on 3 occasions, hosting exclusive documentary film screenings.

Speaking awards – Toastmasters International:

  • Best Prepared Speaker CC1 – September 2010.
  • Best Impromptu Speaker – May 2011.
  • Best Prepared Speaker CC5 – May 2011
  • Best Prepared Speech CC9 – July 2011
  • CC10 – November 2013

Corporate experience:

  • Sales executive for a corporate travel company.
  • Sales executive for Sanlam.
  • Entrepreneur: two industrial manufacturing concerns, employing more than 60 workers and administrative staff.
  • Real Estate investor.
  • Property portfolio manager of fixed assets in excess of R100 mil from 1998 to 2001.